Asymetrico Art

asdym art The lift cabin ASYMETRICO ART is the design variant of Asymetrico cabin.

The side wall of this cabin is made up of asymmetric laminated sections in various colours.

The back wall is fitted with a mirror and vent holes of square or round cross-sections.

One side wall is ready for mounting a cabin panel or button cassette. On this side wall there is also installation space for cabling and terminal boards.


The front entrance mouldings can be adapted to the type of cabin door.
Two types of cabin door are available:

BUS - automatic folding doors for lifts with manual shaft doors, versions with or without windows

AUTOMATIC doors - door leaves are made using sandwich technology, glazed or solid versions

The floor is provided with ALTRO heavy-duty antiskid PVC flooring.

Options: mirror, handrail, PVC type, cabin colour

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