Interlift, a traditional trade fair for the lift industry, took place in mid-October in Augsburg, Germany. Our company was among the 574 companies that had their booths there. Evidently the popularity of this trade fair with participating companies increases every year. We would like to thank our customers, fans of lift technologies and business partners for coming to see us at our booth. We are looking forward to seeing you at future events. Your loyalty is very much appreciated.

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On 17-20 October, our company took part in the largest lift fair in the world - Interlift, whose 13th edition has taken place in Augsburg, Germany (as has already become the tradition).  {tab Tab Title 1}


We would like to invite you to the lift technology fair Interlift 2017.


At the end of April, our company participated in the largest trade fair of elevator technology Russian Elevator Week in Moscow.

This year, the fair hosted a total of 159 exhibitors from 17 countries who presented their elevator-related products.


Thanks a lot for visiting us at the Interlift 2015!

We would like to thank to all our business partners and customers who visited us at the International Trade Fair for Elevators, Components and Accessoriesin Augsburg this year. We appreciate your interest in our products and services, and we believe that our meeting will contribute to new opportunities for our cooperation.



We would like to invite you to the Interlift 2015 – The International Trade Fair for Elevators, Components and Accessories.
Already 12th Interlift Fair will be held on October 13 to October 16, 2015 at the Exhibition Centre in Augsburg, Germany.


A paternoster is a passenger lift which consists of a continuous chain of open compartments. It is a lift which you ride until you get out. After the last landing, the compartments of this lift simply change the movement direction by means of a chain wheel.


In its second half, the two-part article about lifts at Bohemian and Moravian castles will present not only passenger lifts, which mainly served the gentry, but special lifts as well which also made work for servants easier.

This time we will visit the summer-house Bellarie in Český Krumlov and the castles in Valtice, Hluboká nad Vltavou and Sychrov.


The following lines will be a continuation of the excursion to the history of lifts. In two articles we will visit beautiful castle areas.

The first lifts were used as early as in the Baroque period and were initially only for the benefit of kings. The oldest preserved lift relics in this country date back to 1720 and they are in Ploskovice Castle. The lift in Zákupy Castle originates from the same period. It was modified in 1870 for the needs of Ferdinand V the Good.


We warmly invite you to the 11th lift technology trade fair Interlift 2013 which will take place from October 15 to 18, 2013 at the exhibition grounds in Augsburg, Germany.
Visitors to this year’s trade fair have again something to look forward to – the organizers have reported a record number of exhibitors (504) from 40 countries around the world.


Archimedes: A body immersed in a lift...
As early as the 3rd century B.C., people felt the need to make lifting heavy loads to heights easier. So they invented the first hoists, predecessors of today’s lifts. The famous scholar Archimedes not only immersed bodies in a liquid, but also constructed the first lift very similar to those that we use today. The cabin was suspended on a hemp rope and was lifted upwards by a hand winch or windlass.


During the month of June, residents of apartment buildings in Brno found information leaflets from Beta Control in their mailboxes.
In connection with the holiday season, many people are thinking about how to secure their apartments in often anonymous residential complexes so that they can enjoy their holidays without stress and return from the seaside to a safe home.


On 24 January 2013, a specialized workshop for representatives of towns, municipalities and expert public on the topic of

ensuring safety and securing property in residential buildings

took place on the premises of the Beta Control training centre.

We would like to invite you to the 12th Virtual Lift Exhibition.

The Virtual Lift Exhibition has traditionally been a presentation of news and trends in the field of lifts, escalators and lifting equipment.

Its virtual form provides the opportunity to visit from your home, giving the visitor plenty of time and an opportunity to come back at any time and gain new knowledge.



We would like to invite you to a professional symposium of the communication project Jak to dělají jinde (How They Do It Elsewhere)

Even this year, the communication project How They Do It Elsewhere focuses on the issues of revitalization of the housing stock from A to Z.

Beta Control will re-introduce options for the construction of new, and the reconstruction of existing lifts, the Safe House security system for the protection of property and people and offers its services within engineering.



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